Hunting Pricing and Guidelines



Trophy Hunts

    • 150-159 gross Boone and Crockett Score – Call for pricing!
    • 160-169 gross Boone and Crockett Score – Call for pricing!
    • 170-179 gross Boone and Crockett Score – Call for pricing!
    • 180-189 gross Boone and Crockett Score – Call for pricing!
    • 190-199 gross Boone and Crockett Score – Call for pricing!
    • Over 200 gross Boone and Crockett Score – Call for pricing!

Management Hunts

    • Call for pricing! (Deer between 130 and 145 gross Boone and Crockett Score)

Dove and Quail Hunts

    • Call for pricing!

Javelina Hunts

    • Call for pricing!

Hog Hunts

    • Call for pricing!

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We are pleased that you are interested in hunting with us. You can be sure that we will do everything in our power to assure that you will have an enjoyable, successful and safe hunt. The following rules for White Tail Management Hunts will be adhered to while hunting with us.

    • A limited number of guided management hunts for mature class whitetail bucks ranging between 130-145 gross Boone and Crockett score will be offered each year.
    • Hunts will be booked on a first come, first serve basis. Early season hunts are recommended to avoid the chance of broken antlers due to rutting activity.
    • A $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of the booking that is applied to the hunt which is determined by the gross Boone and Crockett score.
    • All hunts will be guided/ Buck or Doe.
    • When a buck is harvested, the buck will be measured and scored. Hunter agrees and understands that this is the score that will be used for pricing.
    • Your guide will determine which deer you are able to shoot.
    • If your deer scores under 130, there will be no charge and you will be allowed to hunt for another management deer.
    • If the deer that your guide chooses scores over 145, there will be no extra charge.
    • If a hunter’s guide is unable to present a reasonable opportunity to his client a shoot-able buck (between 130 and 145 gross Boone and Crockett) during the course of the hunt, the hunter will be refunded his full $1,000.00 deposit.
    • If the hunter chooses to refuse to choose a buck that the guide has presented him with that meets the management criteria for a buck, then hunter agrees and understands that at that point he has forfeited his $1,000.00 deposit.
    • Hunter also agrees that the taking of or passing of the prescribed animal, his hunt will be considered over by the guide’s or ranch personnel’s decision.
    • Doe hunts will be charged a guide fee of $500.00 – nothing else.
    • Hunting will be done from ground blinds with a guide present at all times.
    • Transportation to and from the ranch is the hunter’s responsibility as well as a valid Texas hunting license.
    • Lodging and 2 meals a day will be provided.
    • If a deer is hit in any form, that deer is considered a kill. Every attempt will be made to recover a wounded deer (blood drawn), however it will be considered a kill. If it is not located, a kill fee will be assessed based on the estimated score of the animal. This and all other guide’s decisions shall rule on any and all of the above mentioned, and/or any other situation that may arise during the course of the hunt.
    • If a hunter with a wounded deer wishes to contact a third party with dogs to try to locate the deer, that hunter is responsible for any and all costs that will be charged by the third party.
    • Prohibited game on this ranch shall be certain white tail bucks.
    • We reserve the right to price any buck on an individual basis. This will be discussed prior to your hunting.
    • We reserve the right to make changes to fees, etc. However, any paid deposit and booked hunt will be honored.

Day hunts for dove, quail, javelina, or feral hogs will be offered on a limited basis. The following guidelines and rules will apply.

    • No hunting in feedlot pens.
    • Hunter must pick up empty shell cartridges.
    • Hunter is responsible for cleaning his own birds.
    • No bird cleaning in or near feedlot pens.
    • A day charge will be applied to all hunts.

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